Welcome to The 1080 Action Group. 

Protection - Compassion - Conservation.

This website is dedicated to present real factual information as to why Sodium fluoroacetate should never be used as well as to identify all those people and organisations that have worked so, so hard in presenting real evidence to contradict this deadly poisons continued use. KILL - FCH2CO2Na.

The science behind 1080http://1080science.co.nz/1080-chemistry/ - Thanks Ian Rist for sharing. 

The above document was written by a Chemist and formed part of a submission to the Environmental Risk Management Authority in its Reassessment of 1080, in 2007.

Western Australian 1080 mapping for all lands - https://www0.landgate.wa.gov.au/maps-and-imagery/interactive-maps/map-viewer


Latest issues regarding the misuse of 1080 from various Facebook pages and Websites...

17/01/2017 - Wild dog workshops give landholders bait use skills approval.. this workshop should not be approved.  


    Dingo face

And Dingo's are meant to be marauding killers? Get a grip, folks. Thanks, Jean for sharing.